Kailoha is inspired in Hawaian language

#Kai# Sea

#Aloha# Love for

Kailoha is borned from passion for diving and marine biodiversity.

Many people ask me about the reasons why I dive, It doesn´t matter how much time goes by, my answer is allways the same; It is the way I feel underwater. This feeling is unique, the peace I feel underwater, the no gravity sensation, the adrenaline flowing when I see a new animal, or when I see one I have already seen hundreds of times and It still makes me breathless.

I’m sure you would recognize some of these feelings. What if you could collect them? What if you could capture your own memories and wear them?

Make your Kailoha experience:

- Choose one Pack (you can Choose between 925 Silver or Leather)

- Choose your favorite 2 pieces to start your collection. There are 28 different species. Each of them has a Zip specially designed for our bracelets.

Your pack contains a binder and 2 species sheets where you will find interesting information about each specie. If you want to complete your experience, you can personalize the species sheets with your name and your experience date and place.

¡ Enjoy your Kailoha experience !